A Brief History of Chinese Prayer Wheels

A Brief History of Chinese Prayer Wheels
In Chinese praying, joss paper is usually found in the form of prayer wheels and are used as a
medium for prayer and respect for the gods. Materials used in Chinese Joss can range from
grass, bamboo 蜡烛批发商 and reed to various kinds of decorative paper. In ancient times, Chinese people
use to prepare special prayer wheels made of wood by rubbing it with the right joss stick. Joss
sticks were originally made of wood with natural oils and bamboo powder in it. Today, you can
easily find just paper, prayer wheels and other joss materials in many prayer centers.
You can also find many joss sticks that are made of porcelain, which is more expensive than
most other joss sticks. You can use porcelain prayer wheels in your homes, offices and even in
hospitals. It is also used in spiritual healing treatments for various illnesses, especially for mental
disorders. There are several reasons why we use joss sticks as Chinese prayer wheels.
Joss sticks are mainly used in Chinese Joss, which is a form of Chinese meditation. Joss is
mainly used to facilitate meditation and it’s a great help to focus your mind and make
concentration, focus and dedication. Joss sticks contain special ingredients such as ginkgo
biloba, grape seed and other herbs and vitamins. They also contain special colorings such as
blue and yellow to enhance positive energy.

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Joss sticks and Chinese prayer wheels are very different from each other. They can be used in
traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is a completely different system of healing compared
to traditional Chinese medicine. Although both forms of Chinese medicine believe in healing
using acupuncture 马来西亚拜神蜡烛, the difference between them is that acupuncture is mainly done by using thin
needles and joss sticks focus on the energy centers in your body. TCM on the other hand,
believes that different forms of energy exist in your body and that by eliminating blockages of
these energy channels, you can achieve a better health condition. Therefore, it follows that TCM
cures through acupuncture and joss sticks are not mutually exclusive from each other.
Aside from the medicinal benefits of joss sticks prayer wheels, they can also serve as talismans
and mandalas. The sticks are considered to be talismans in Chinese culture. They are held in
the hands and are used for various purposes such as meditation and good luck. They are
believed to bring wealth and prosperity, health and happiness, peace and love and many others.
Joss sticks, prayer wheels are made from clay or ceramic, which is why they are known as the
“Chinese Stone.” They may come in many shapes and colors but the most commonly seen ones
are circular and are about an inch in diameter. They are usually made out of wood and other
natural materials like horn, crystal, silver, gold and others. The circles on the top of the prayer
wheels have designs and symbols etched into them. They are designed to be carried in your
prayers or as talismans or mandalas.

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A joss stick is a popular accessory because it gives the practitioner the freedom to manipulate
the circular pattern by varying the length of the stick, allowing them to decorate the wheel
according to their preference. The joss stick is usually held in one hand while the other hand
holds the round piece of the mandala, which is a sacred object in the Chinese culture. When the
joss stick is rotated by the hand, this symbolizes the healing power of the universe which is why
the prayer wheels are considered to be the most powerful mandala there is.
There are other types of prayer wheels such as the square or rectangular ones which you can

find in a variety of colors. In addition, there are also spiral mandalas. The spiral ones feature
noodles spiraling around the center as they travel from the top of the mandala to the bottom.
When the noodles reach the bottom, they form a cross and thus, they are said to ward against
the evil eye. Aside from being used for Feng Shui, they are also great as talismans and inlays for
jewelry because the Mandala consists of an interlocking mandala and so, when they are
inscribed on metal, they are very durable.