A Brief History of Chinese Prayer Wheels

A Brief History of Chinese Prayer Wheels
In Chinese praying, joss paper is usually found in the form of prayer wheels and are used as a
medium for prayer and respect for the gods. Materials used in Chinese Joss can range from
grass, bamboo 蜡烛批发商 and reed to various kinds of decorative paper. In ancient times, Chinese people
use to prepare special prayer wheels made of wood by rubbing it with the right joss stick. Joss
sticks were originally made of wood with natural oils and bamboo powder in it. Today, you can
easily find just paper, prayer wheels and other joss materials in many prayer centers.
You can also find many joss sticks that are made of porcelain, which is more expensive than
most other joss sticks. You can use porcelain prayer wheels in your homes, offices and even in
hospitals. It is also used in spiritual healing treatments for various illnesses, especially for mental
disorders. There are several reasons why we use joss sticks as Chinese prayer wheels.
Joss sticks are mainly used in Chinese Joss, which is a form of Chinese meditation. Joss is
mainly used to facilitate meditation and it’s a great help to focus your mind and make
concentration, focus and dedication. Joss sticks contain special ingredients such as ginkgo
biloba, grape seed and other herbs and vitamins. They also contain special colorings such as
blue and yellow to enhance positive energy.

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Joss sticks and Chinese prayer wheels are very different from each other. They can be used in
traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is a completely different system of healing compared
to traditional Chinese medicine. Although both forms of Chinese medicine believe in healing
using acupuncture 马来西亚拜神蜡烛, the difference between them is that acupuncture is mainly done by using thin
needles and joss sticks focus on the energy centers in your body. TCM on the other hand,
believes that different forms of energy exist in your body and that by eliminating blockages of
these energy channels, you can achieve a better health condition. Therefore, it follows that TCM
cures through acupuncture and joss sticks are not mutually exclusive from each other.
Aside from the medicinal benefits of joss sticks prayer wheels, they can also serve as talismans
and mandalas. The sticks are considered to be talismans in Chinese culture. They are held in
the hands and are used for various purposes such as meditation and good luck. They are
believed to bring wealth and prosperity, health and happiness, peace and love and many others.
Joss sticks, prayer wheels are made from clay or ceramic, which is why they are known as the
“Chinese Stone.” They may come in many shapes and colors but the most commonly seen ones
are circular and are about an inch in diameter. They are usually made out of wood and other
natural materials like horn, crystal, silver, gold and others. The circles on the top of the prayer
wheels have designs and symbols etched into them. They are designed to be carried in your
prayers or as talismans or mandalas.

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A joss stick is a popular accessory because it gives the practitioner the freedom to manipulate
the circular pattern by varying the length of the stick, allowing them to decorate the wheel
according to their preference. The joss stick is usually held in one hand while the other hand
holds the round piece of the mandala, which is a sacred object in the Chinese culture. When the
joss stick is rotated by the hand, this symbolizes the healing power of the universe which is why
the prayer wheels are considered to be the most powerful mandala there is.
There are other types of prayer wheels such as the square or rectangular ones which you can

find in a variety of colors. In addition, there are also spiral mandalas. The spiral ones feature
noodles spiraling around the center as they travel from the top of the mandala to the bottom.
When the noodles reach the bottom, they form a cross and thus, they are said to ward against
the evil eye. Aside from being used for Feng Shui, they are also great as talismans and inlays for
jewelry because the Mandala consists of an interlocking mandala and so, when they are
inscribed on metal, they are very durable.

Practical Tips For Installing A Low Voltage Transformer

If you’ll be putting in a low voltage transformer yourself, you could as properly do a right process of it withinside the first attempt. For this to manifest, you may employ some portions of recommendation which I actually have accrued right here for you. All in all, doing so need to enhance your probabilities of tolerable consequences of your efforts.

Your safety

The maximum crucial difficulty to handle, on every occasion mains voltage is in play – is safety. Did I simply say major voltage? Yes, of direction I did! They can also additionally name it a low voltage transformer – however handiest as it converts mains voltage to a decrease voltage. Even if what you’ve got got is a 12v transformer, you continue to want to feed it mains voltage to get some thing beneficial out of it – as a minimum if it’s far for home use.

So you need to be secure while managing the transformer – while it’s far established to mains voltage – now no longer earlier than, of direction. Though a few human beings insist on making the mains connection to the transformer themselves, I constantly advocate which you rent an electrician to try this process. It may not take him lengthy or price you much – when you have finished all of the making ready paintings. If all he has to do, is placed the mains cable in the ideal terminals at the transformer, you then definately can not get it any cheaper.


The different very crucial safety-difficulty, that’s applicable on every occasion we’re running with electric installations, is that of fire-safety. Each year, there are many, many home fires which manifest due to defective electric wiring. Most of the wiring constructed right into a residence is hidden withinside the partitions, which offers a short-circuit masses of time to soften the insulation of the cable and warmth some thing up so much, it catches fire – earlier than a person even notices the scent of some thing burning.

If you’ll be doing all of your personal installations of electrical wiring, you then definately in reality need to do it in the front of your partitions or ceilings, instead of in the back of them. This way, if some thing does begin to burn, you’ll see it – or scent it nearly immediately. Since you aren’t a skilled electrician, there might be a truly larger threat which you make a mistake or withinside the wiring, or fail to apply the right parts. Being an beginner at some thing isn’t anyt any shame – simply do not anticipate your paintings is perfect. In fact, you need to anticipate your wiring is NOT perfect, and could fail at a few factor. Only then have you ever taken enough precautions, to be honest.

Make it appearance good

Finally, attempt to make matters appearance good! There isn’t anyt any factor in doing a poor-searching process of some thing you’ll should study each day for years to come. Even in case you do comply with my recommendation of now no longer concealing your wiring or transformers in the back of partitions or ceilings, you may nevertheless cause them to appearance good, through the use of plastic cable trays. This offers the entirety that clean, expert appearance – with out compromising your safety, or being tough to install. You also can attempt to shop for a transformer with an enclosure in a one-of-a-kind colour than black. Many are to be had in white or different colors – or in attractive designs that allows you to genuinely make you need to study them!

A Guide to Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures

With the increasing cost in energy, more and more people are looking for way to save money. This concern has resulted in the invention of low voltage lighting fixtures by the experts.

Most people across the globe today like to utilize low voltage lighting fixtures in order to finish off with their landscape projects. These make amazing lighting choice, as they are optimum for those who want to get a little creative with their lighting in order to highlight some of the features of their landscape.

Low voltage lighting fixtures are simple to install. The cable is usually ran via a shallow trench or buried underground. Another benefit is that these fixtures are flexible. Once you install these, you would find out that it is easy to move around. These are safe and efficient in energy.

When you use transformers, it is very easy to minimize the standard voltage. You can decrease the voltage from 120 volts to a safe 12 volts. In case, you have plans to use the lighting system outlook you need not worry about the electrical safety even if the lawn mower accidentally cuts a cable or any clued or animal accidentally clips one.

You need to know many things about low voltage lighting fixtures. First, you need to make a decision on the type of mood you want to come up with the lighting. Do you prefer dramatic accent lighting, party environment or safety and security?

Select the transformer that exactly suits your requirements. It should be capable enough to add up all the wattages of the lights you want to use. Add all of them in one. You can enjoy many benefits via using 12 volts as compared to 120 volts. These benefits include flexibility as well as the ability to absorb moisture.

You can achieve a more precise lighting via using multiple low voltage transformers. The low voltage lighting fixtures can be easily plugged into existing receptacles on the outdoor. You also do not require an electrician. You can easily illuminate your landscape or garden with the help of low voltage lighting fixtures.

You can plan as well as install a low-voltage system. The 12-volt system has many benefits as mentioned earlier in the article. It is very safe and the writing methods are not exacting. You can easily install it even if you are a novice in this field. A low voltage lighting fixtures starts with a transformer that can be easily plugged into a standard GFCI exterior receptable.

The only tool you require to install the whole system is a wire stripper. Other basic tools are those that go into basic carpentry and garden that is available in every home.

You need to use only outdoor UL-Listed lighting transformer cable and lights for your project. In case, you plan to purchase individual components and not a kit, make sure you check with the manufacturer of the product in order to ensure the compatibility of your components.

Choose Low Voltage Lights For Your Lighting Needs

Have you considered low voltage lights for your yard? They make your yard appear more attractive and safer as well. In the past few years the durability and the performance has improved considerably. One reason that people were reluctant to use these types of lights is that they were not very reliable. People had the impression that they broke down or were not bright enough.

Back in the 1950’s, low voltage lights for the outdoors got their start. An electrical contractor had an idea of using something less powerful than the standard 120-volt lights of the time. In addition, the fixtures were quite expensive too. This contractor used 12-volt fixtures for his first version of the lower voltage lighting.

These days, the fixtures for low voltage lights are better quality and they cost less, the bulbs are longer lasting and the entire system is easier to install. These are the main reasons that the popularity of these bulbs is catching on.

Newer designs are putting the emphasis on the fixtures. Previously, consumers wanted the fixtures of their low voltage lights to be hidden. Now, you can find them in many different shapes and designs. Some examples include frogs, turtles, flowers or various glass shapes.

Installing low voltage lights in the yard allows homeowners to enjoy their yards in the evening by entertaining on their patio or deck. Some lighting kits are equipped with sensors that turn on only when there is motion nearby. This is a good security feature that many homeowners are looking to add to their homes.

Are you concerned about the installation process? Most low voltage lights are easily installed by any inexperienced do-it-yourselfer. The cost of these systems can vary depending on what is included with the system. For a few hundred dollars, you can get a good quality system that includes a floodlight, a transformer, and six to eight path lights, wire connectors and a 12-volt cable.

Many people have things in their yard that they want illuminated. Low voltage lights are great at providing accent lighting in your yard. This is just another way that these lighting systems are gaining in acceptance and popularity.